Wednesday, October 21, 2009


My phone service has apparently been sold to a company called Century-something which is located somewhere in Texas. It was once provided by United, which was bought by Sprint, and then Sprint changed their name to Embarq right before they sold my part of the country to Century-something.

Five weeks ago, my phone and my internet service went out. It was a Saturday evening and we had an electrical storm. I called Century-something and they set up a repair ticket and told me they can have my phones up by Monday at 7 p.m. Monday at seven p.m. I still had no service. I called them up on my cell phone and they had closed my repair ticket as completed. I called back, worked my way through their system and got a live humanoid - not a native English speaker though. She told me that "unfortunately, there are no technicians available until tomorrow..."

There's the kiss of death in any relationship with a corporation. Any sentence that starts with "unfortunately" is both a lie and a dismissal. There are technicians available; there are always technicians available. They pay them overtime when then have to call one out after hours and they don't like that.



  1. Is this why you never call?

    Hey, that reminds me of a joke. You don't mind do you?

    While on African safari, a woman was kidnapped by a tribe of gorillas. Taken to their jungle lair, she was presented to their leader, a massive silverback gorilla of awesome strength. He took her as his mate and proceeed to rape her day and night and seven-ways-to-Sunday.

    Months later she was rescued by a group of hunters and taken back to her home. After her terrible ordeal, she was understandably upset and visibly distraught. A friend came to visit her and found her in tears. "Jane, dear," said the friend "I know it was awful, but it's over now."

    And Jane said, "You don't understand! He never calls, he never writes..."


    Those rat bastards! (shakes fist) Hope it all gets fixed soon, dearest. ;)

  2. Damn! I really know how to clear a room, don't I? Sorry about that, Pops! :(

  3. A paen to aggravation! We sure need one because we're getting more and more aggravated!

  4. Tonto: "What I do for a living - I explain complicated things, in writing, at a tenth-grade reading level."

    Tonto, that's very difficult and I admire you for that talent. I can't imagine explaining anything complicated using sentences shorter than at least one hundred words and page long paragraphs!

  5. Hey, Mermaid! The logo for the Norfolk, Virginia airport is - a Mermaid. She's a cute little stylized turquoise figure with long hair and a tail. She's not a super hot babe like you but recognizeable as a mermaid.

  6. Kati, I have to use the USA Today style of writing as well. It's the only way things can work and it's not very glamorous. You're all asleep now, I just know it. I can hear that deep breathing from here.